Home Security with Landline versus Home Security without Landline

If home security with landline is how home security used to be, then home security without landline is how home security is today. Landlines are messy. They’re convoluted. cell-174426932They’re costly and easily damaged. Going for home security without a landline, though, is simple and clean, uncomplicated, affordable, and sturdier. If you’re looking to figure out how best to install home security in your home and you’re not sure whether to go for a landline home security or other kind, here are some basic tips about using landline vs non-landline service. There’s also some brief information on the kinds of home security without landline that you can choose to go with.

Home security with Landline

We completely understand the desire to stick with what you know. After all, since landline home security has been around longer, it’s probably pretty good, right? Well, yes, it is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best home security system. Still, there are good points. When you’re using home security with your landline phone, there’s no risk of the network dropping the signal and you losing connectivity. This is particularly important because the landline home security is what allows the monitoring service to continue monitoring you. However, many intelligent criminals in today’s society are completely at ease with landline home security because all they have to do is step forward and cut a wire. Then you’d lose connectivity through your system as well as connectivity through your phone; you wouldn’t be able to contact your monitoring service or the police at all. Also, some of the perks for home security without landline are impossible with landline systems, such as remote monitoring and access.

Home Security without Landline

When you don’t have your home security hooked up through a landline, you don’t have to worry about the risk of a criminal clipping the wires. You don’t have to struggle to untangle complicated problems in complicated cords. And you could have those extra perks, such as home security remote access, to make your home security experience a more pleasant one. The main kind of home security without landline is cellular home security, and here is how cellular security works. Cellular security systems are connected through your cellular phone network, such as Verizon Wireless. As long as you have cell phone coverage in your home, you will have a working security system that is connected to your monitoring service. Not only is this kind of home security easier to handle and less complicated to install or manage because it doesn’t have a ton of messy wires, but it’s also more affordable. Additionally, home security without landline means that criminals can’t clip the wires; it would take knocking out a few cell towers to take out a cellular home security system. And lastly, with cellular security, you can have remote access to your security system so that no matter where you are in the world, you are connected to it. Though neither system is completely perfect, the benefits of home security without landline weigh pretty highly in its favor.