Cell Phones + Home Security = Cell Phone Home Security: the Best of Both Worlds

When you’ve got cell phone home security, checking on the status of your home security system is as easy as pie. Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804We live in a highly digitally obsessed nation where nearly every single adult uses a working smartphone as their primary phone. Many don’t even have landline phones at all anymore and rely entirely on their cell phones for all communication. And then they use their cell phones for everything – they check their emails, write text messages, check Facebook, read up on the news, listen to music, use FaceTime or make video calls, make normal telephone calls, etc., all on their cells. We as a culture are so dependent on our phones that when we go out to dinner at a nice restaurant, most of us can’t even imagine putting our phones away completely (or leaving them behind) so that we can simply talk with the person with whom we are dining out.

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On a seemingly unrelated subject (the one that actually has to do with this website), home security is also very important to us. Our possessions and homes are an extension of who we are, and we want to be able to protect them no matter what. We want to be able to guard against those who would break into our homes and steal from us, vandalizing our property and damaging our pride. Being burglarized is a violation of our personal space, making us more vulnerable and less able to protect ourselves. And, of course, it can cost us thousands of dollars to replace our stolen property. Thus, finding a good security system is also a high priority for many people in our country.

So, let’s bring these two “unrelated” topics together: since cell phones are so important to us culturally and home security is so important to us economically and emotionally, why not combine the two into one to make a fantastic security system that’ll work well with your needs and habits and also keep your home protected? Businessman pushing virtual security button 452081415That is what cell phone home security can do for you as a homeowner. With a cell phone security system, you’d be connected to your home security system remotely. This means that you wouldn’t have to be in your home to know what’s going on there; you could just be at work, across town, at a party, on vacation, or really, anywhere that you can receive a cell phone signal, and you’d still be connected to your home. You can remotely check on the status of your system, look at your video surveillance live streaming feed, and be warned the moment something triggers your alarm system to activate. Cell phone home security is an easy way of enabling you as the homeowner to manage and maintain your home security to protect against security threats, while it also enables you to continue to run your life as you already do. Instead of adding a complicated new device with all kinds of wiring to your life that you have to manage to know how to run your home security, you could just install an app on your phone. And with your cell phone home security system sending you text messages or alerts whenever something needs to be looked into, you’ll never have to be worried about those times where you’re away from home and you can’t keep an eye on things.